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African American Day Parade celebrates The Grandassa Models

Check out this great video

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Big things happening around the Grandassa Models name, including merchandise and documentary

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There is a burgeoning Grandassa  presence on the internet  from people interested in Black is beautiful  movement. Some unofficial events may be taking place  but check in here for official Grandassa events. 

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Partnership  underway with a high fashion company for Merchandise deal, announcing soon. 

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We wont tell  it until it is official but a lot brewing.

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Grandassa Documentary Coming

Check out this great video



The African Jazz Art Society Studio (AJASS) are the  PIONEERS OF THE BLACK ARTS MOVEMENT and the group that pioneered the Black is Beautiful Movement and they used The Grandassa Models to launch it in 1962. The Grandassa Models are the Ambassadors of the Black is Beautiful Movement.